Casino Municipale di Campione d'Italia

Fun, entertainment, culture and relaxation. The Casinó Campione d’Italia is all this and more! Its splendid structure designed by the world famous architect Maria Botta, covers 55,000m² with 9 floors above ground, 3 parking floors underground, 28 elevators and 4 escalators. A truly breathtaking complex that reflects the dynamic, eclectic and innovative spirit of the Casino perfectly.

This is an ideal location for enjoying not only the excitement of gaming, but also exquisite gourmet cuisine, and thrilling shows and concerts. The quality and excellence of our services are not directed only at players but also at companies and cultural and show business operators. Our vocation for entertainment and the welcome we offer makes the Casinó Campione d’Italia a very special experience that can be enjoyed over and over again. Buried in lush greenery on the shores of lake Ceresio, Campione d’Italia, the only Italian exclave in Switzerland, is just 60 km from Milan. Its strategic position, picturesque scenery and the numerous attractions of its Casino all combine to create a magical atmosphere. Campione d’Italia is nature, art, a warm welcome and above all, a tradition of fun and gaming that continues to attract, intrigue and thrill all who come here.

Basic information

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Casino Municipale di Campione d'Italia

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Casino Municipale di Campione d'Italia
Piazzale Milano 1
22060 Campione d'Italia
Phone: +39 4191 640 1111
Casino Games

List of table games: 

Texas Holdem Poker
Caribbean Stud
Punto Banco

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Number of slot machines: 

Live Poker

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Nearby accomodation: 

Hotel Lago di Lugano SA  Via Campione 65 Bissone +39 91 641 98 00
Hotel Campione Ristorante all'Arco Via Campione 62 Bissone +39 91 640 16 16
Hotel Panorama  Via al Lago 6, 6823 Pugerna +39 91 923 98 83
Hotel Splendide Royal Riva Antonio Caccia 7 Lugano +39 91 985 77 11

Restaurants/bars in the casino: 

There is a bar and 2 restaurants in the casino.

Entry to the casino

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How to get there?: 

By car
Leave the a9 milan-como-lugano motorway at the campione d'italia exit (after the tunnel).
Cross the chiasso bridge , tresa bridge, porto ceresio and porlezza-oria passes, following the signs for campione d'italia.
Important: a special coupon must be displayed on cars when driving on swiss motorways. This is available at swiss customs posts and petrol stations.
Morning: free spt tourist bus service
Free f.n.m.a. Transfer from milan every day.
Afternoon, service with ticket charged
By train

Lugano station a 15 minute drive to campione)
By plane
    Malpensa airport (plus a 50 minute drive to campione)
    Linate airport (plus a 2 hour drive to campione)
    Agno airport (plus a 20 minute drive to campione)

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Opening hours: 

From Monday to Thursday
opens at 11.30 am, closes at 05.00 am

opens at 11.30 am, closes at 06.00 am

Saturday and pre-public holidays
opens at 10.30 am, closes at 06.00 am

Sunday and public holidays
opens at 10.30 am, closes at 05.00 am

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