Casino de Bourbon l'Archambault

Located in the heart of the Bourbonnais, the Casino de Bourbon l'Archambault opened its doors in September 1998 by operating a restaurant with a capacity of 100 guests, a cinema, a ball room (two tables) and a Great Hall Games ( English Roulette and blackjack). On November 99 a first allocation of 30 slots is a milestone in the development of the casino and its artistic and cultural activities. In early 2002, 10 new slots are allocated, the park in July 2003 reached 60 aircraft.

Becomes full on the building and inconvenient in terms of parking, and after nine years of operation, the Casino change of scenery.

Indeed, the first in October 2007, overlooking the town, 1km from the center, the Casino opens its new facility.

Identity as "modern medieval" with a parking capacity of 200 seats, the new structure, walk-in, now offers 350 m2 of games with the presence of table games among the 75 slot machines. On his right, a relaxation area of ??350 m2 you can enjoy the piano bar "L'Excalibar" and restaurant "The Round Table" can accommodate 100 people. A concert hall of 600 m2 with telescopic platform that can accommodate 450 spectators, supplements the new site.

A special feature of the casino is to offer throughout the year of cultural, artistic and festive many and varied. The second strength of the casino is to maintain close links with the voluntary and active participation in local life through partnerships and actions outside the school.

This deliberate choice, this in 1998, reflects the philosophy of the Casino is in a broader context than VIKINGS CASINOS.

Slots, meanwhile, are and will remain the must for the future of our institution. It is thanks to them also that today, nearly 50 jobs are created in a city of 2,600 inhabitants and rural tourism development can lead to publicize the attractions and advantages of our resort, home of Dukes of Bourbon.

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Casino de Bourbon l'Archambault


Casino de Bourbon l'Archambault
Z.I. Le Pont des Chèvres
Phone: +33 4 70 67 15 39
Casino Games

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English Roulette
La Boule 2000

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Live Poker

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LOGIS Grand Hotel Montespan-Talleyrand  1 Place Thermes  03160 Bourbon-l'Archambault, France +33 4 70 67 00 24

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There is a bar and a restaurant in the casino.

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Admission is free.

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Machines: daily from 10am.
Ball: Friday and Saturday from 8.30pm to 4am
Black Jack: Monday to Thursday from 9pm to 2am - Friday and Saturday from 8.30pm to 4am - Sunday from 8.30pm to 2am

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