VIP Casino Panorama

Casino in the Hotel Panorama was opened in 1995. It is a smaller hotel casino, whose location is in the hotel restaurant and convention center, hotel arrangement allows large corporate events with the program and complete culinary services. Casino is located on the Metro Line C Pankrac. Opening hours are from 8pm to 04am.

Admission is free. Parking and refreshments for players are free of charge.

No mobile phones are permitted at the gaming table. Photo or video cameras can be used with the consent of the casino manager only. We have special programs called Casino&Dinner and Casino by Night. We offer these program packages as gift vouchers as well. Part of these programs is an animation program and a cocktail or dinner served in the casino.

Basic information

Casino name: 

VIP Casino Panorama

Email address:


Hotel Corinthia Panorama
7 Milevská
140 00 Prague
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 261 164 061
Casino Games

List of table games: 

American Roulette

Table games stakes: 

American Roulette: Minimum bet 25 CZK Maximum bet 60 000 CZK, Minimum bet 1 CZK Maximum bet 2 000 CZK Black Jack: Minimum bet 100 CZK Maximum bet 60 000 CZK, Minimum bet 5 CZK Maximum bet 2 000 CZK

Do they have sportsbook?: 


Slots stakes: 


Do they have Keno?: 


Do they have live poker?: 


Do they have bingo?: 


Number of slot machines: 

Live Poker

Types of cash games: 

No Limit Texas Holdem, Omaha Pot Limit

Average number of players on tournaments: 


What time do the cash games usually run?: 

daily from 8pm

Phone number of the poker room: 


Do they run poker tournaments? (What games, what buy-ins, etc.): 

700 Freezout + 100 Bounty, buy-in 800Czk, stack 8.000 chips, start 6pm
200 Rebuy + 2x 200 Rebuy + 200 Add-on, buy-in 200Czk, stack 3.000 chips, add-on 6.000 chips, start 6pm
500 + 200 Double Chance Freezout, buy-in 500Czk + 200Czk, stack 5.000 + 5.000 chips, start 6pm
500 Freezout, buy-in 500Czk, stack 6.000 chips, start 6pm
1000 Deep Stack Freezout, buy-in 1.000Czk, stack 15.000 chips, start 6pm
100 Rebuy + Unlimited 100 Rebuy + 100 Add-on, buy-in 100Czk, stack 1.500 chips, add-on 3.000 chips, women buy-in for free, start 6pm

How many cash game tables are running on an average night?: 


Is the casino a hotel?: 


Internet availability: 


Nearby accomodation: 

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Restaurants/bars in the casino: 

There is a bar and a restaurant

Complimentary beverages: 

Only non-alcoholic drinks
Entry to the casino

Entry fee: 

Admission is free.

Accepted currencies: 


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Maximum payout: 


Opening hours: 

8pm to 4am

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